Training Method

Dogs need leadership but it is not necessary to dominate them. Good leaders are fair, consistent andDirza and Paws-Abilities simply make doing things their way more rewarding.

I will teach you how to teach your dog using Positive Reinforcement techniques based on animal learning theory and the study of dog behavior.

Dirza and Paws-AbilitiesWhen you train using positive methods your dog will be more confident and happy. Your dog will enjoy learning new things and you will enjoy teaching him without breaking his spirit.

Many dogs are mistakenly labeled dominant, stubborn or stupid simply because the messages aren’t being delivered in a way they can understand. Consistency and proper reinforcement are fundamental components of training. Tone of voice and body language are also very important. I will show you how to use these things to teach your dog the meaning of your words. You will also learn how to interpret your dog’s body language and his attempts at communicating with you.

Positive reinforcement based training makes it fun for you and your dog to learn while building a relationship based on trust and understanding.



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