About Paws-Abilities and Dirza Dittberner

My name is Dirza Dittberner and I started Paws-Abilities Training and Counseling in 1999. My involvement with dog training and dog and cat behavior counseling began while I was volunteering at a San Francisco Bay Area animal shelter. While there I was overwhelmed by the number of wonderful pets that were being relinquished to the shelter.

Most of these animals lost their homes and often their lives simply due to a lack of understanding and communication. The people did not understand their pets and the animals did not understand what their Dirza and Paws-Abilities owners wanted.

Since then my goal has been to help people form loving and lasting relationships with their dogs and cats through understanding and communication.

I have specialized in the animal behavior field since 1991 and have conducted hundreds of dog training classes resulting in thousands of successfully trained dogs. I taught dog training classes at the Dumb Friends League for 10 years and mentored many successful dog trainers. I continue to volunteer at local shelters and rescue organizations in a variety of capacities including helping to evaluate the animals that come in and working with any behavior issues they may have to ensure their future in the right home.

As a Charter Member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), I adhere to a professional code of ethics and treat all students, human and canine, with kindness, patience, and respect.

A primary objective of the APDT is continuing education. I attend seminars, workshops, and conferences for professional dog trainers each year to keep up with the most current thinking, research and techniques in the field. In addition, I constantly study current journals, articles, and books on animal behavior and training.

Dirza and Paws-Abilities I am an active member of SPOT (Society of Positive Obedience Trainers) and The Colorado Dog Trainers Network; both are local dog trainer groups which meet regularly to share knowledge and experiences.

I am an active volunteer with UAN Emergency Animal Rescue, and Noah’s Wish Animal Rescue, which help animals across the country in disaster and emergency situations.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local animal welfare and rescue organizations.

Contact: dirza@copaws.com


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