Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems


The secret to solving your cat’s behavior problem is to learn how to see the world through the eyes of your cat. Just like with dogs, there is no bad cat behavior just normal cat behavior. Cats don’t misbehave out of spite, there is usually a reason your cat is behaving the way they are.

Most of the problems I hear about with cats are very simple to resolve by just understanding the needs of your cat better.

When a dog has a behavior problem, we take them to training classes or call in a trainer/behavior expert to help. Unfortunately when it comes to cats we think we can’t train them or change their behavior and we give up a lot quicker. Sadly so many cats get turned into shelters each year for behavior problems that could have easily been resolved.

Punishment never works with a cat and can cause additional behavior problems. I use a positive approach to correcting and changing behavior and will teach you to understand your cat’s needs and how to better communicate with them.

Some of the common behavior issues I can help you solve.

Litter box problems
Urine marking/spraying
Inappropriate scratching
Aggression to other cats or with people
How to choose a buddy for the cat you already have
How to introduce a new animal into your home
How to enrich your cats life by creating a stimulating environment
Creating a kitten safe home and kitten training
Dealing with the senior cat

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